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Project-based jobs in 2024

How do you get started? 

Articulate your motivation. Why do you want to work in projects? 

For example: you want a flexible way of working, you want to do creative activities, you want to be your own boss, you want to earn more money, you want more independence, you want to be independent from company politics, etc. 


Set goals!

For example, I would like to participate in international HR digitization projects as a project manager 4 days a week. Define your financial expectations and other conditions, such as whether you can take occasional trips or want to work entirely from home. Maybe you want to move to the place of work. And there may be many other aspects that are important to you. 

Update your LinkedIn profile and CV!

Your LinkedIn profile, your CV and all related professional appearances should be professional. See and be seen. It should be clear to everyone what you want: to work in projects, to do project-based work. 

Take part in trainings!

Many professional training courses it is available online at a low price or even for free. Get the skills and knowledge to help you get started quickly  in the world of projects. These will make you confident and prepared for the interview and the job. Such aProject Powerhouse also training that prepares you to start international projects. 

If you are already working on projects, get registered qualifications (e.g. Prince2, ITILv4, TOGAF, CiPD), which will increase your value. Go for one that is in line with your goals and is recognized everywhere in the world. Your future projects will quickly pay for themselves. Don't forget that these are investments. 

Become a member of professional communities! 

Connect with professional clubs and societies online and in person. Based on the principle of less is more, build quality and strategic relationships. Don't have a bad feeling, professional relationships are not friendships, we make them with a purpose. The bottom line is, serve your community, help others so that you can ask them if necessary. Create win-win relationships. Whether you're posting or commenting on posts, be professional and respectful. 

Project management trends in 2024

Why is it important to monitor trends? Because you will be able to relate to them during your work. In line with the trends, you can choose training, expand information and build a network.

Trend 1. 

Hybrid work and hybrid methodologies. 


Use of artificial intelligence (mainly ChatGPT)

Trend 3. 

Online Mentorship - use of countless knowledge and information materials available online

Trend 4. 

Simplification - keeping the big picture in mind, using a Lean approach in projects

Trend 5. 

Sustainability - what we create during the project should be usable, valuable and developable for our client

Trend 6. 

Change Management  - is of particular importance in digital projects


Most valuable knowledge and skills you bring to the world of projects 

  • Professional experience

  • Excellent communication 

  • High level use of English

  • Organization

  • Conflict and problem solving skills

  • Driving experience

  • Patience, wisdom, maturity 

  • Credibility

  • Results-oriented work 

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