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Project Solutions

Project management as a service (PMaaS) - we offer a range of project management services, including planning, execution, and management of projects.
We manage the project on behalf of your organization, providing the necessary expertise, resources, and tools to ensure the project is completed successfully. This can include project managers, project coordinators, project management software, and other resources necessary to complete the project.

"Change as a Service" (CaaS) - we design, plan, implement and manage organizational changes.

Our Change service helps your organization manage change, from change planning and strategy development to project management, implementation, and ongoing support during digital transformations, mergers and acquisitions, process improvements, and culture change initiatives. 


By our Project and Change services our clients avoid the expense of maintaining an in-house PMO team and can quickly scale up or down their project management resources as needed.

Additionally, our project specialists have a deep understanding of project management best practices and can bring valuable expertise to an organization's projects.

HR Innovation and HR Digital Projects >>

Transition to a new digital HRIT / HCM system such as Workday,  SuccessFactors,  Oracle or Talentsoft.

Planning, implementation and follow-up of HR transformation. 

Expertise and manpower are immediately available for complex industrial and R&D projects.

Preparing for the future, analyzing workforce discrepancies, decreasing manpower cost, identifying talent gaps, and increasing retention. 

Immediate reports, organized, understandable data, useful organizational information for company management 

HR Innovatio es HR Projects

We are building simple, well-functioning,
business-tailored digital and data-driven HR

Digital HR Projects

HR Innovation - Preparations

Strengthen the business role of HR, build your company's digital workplace by renewing HR processes and operations. 
Innovation is a key factor in the company's growth. The development of the organization can be easily shaped and maintained by HR activities. Innovation promotes the further commitment of employees, and a loyal team results in greater profitability for the company.

We support your company with our team of experts with

  • HR innovation strategy

  • HR process development and future HR Operational model

  • facilitation of the corporate culture change 

  • driving successful business adoption through effective change management

The following goals are met in the HR innovation process: 

  1. elimination of repetitive tasks in HR activities

  2. increasing efficiency and data integrity 

  3. the HR partner takes on the role and does not act as an administrator

  4. the experience and labor value of the organization increases

HR Digital Projects - Implementation

We speak the language of IT and HR at the same timeWe support you effectively with our team of digital and data experts
in the fast and stress-free execution of corporate HR projects every step of the way.

Whether it’s a complete digital transformation or just a transformation of an HR activity, we support the project from start to finish by keeping corporate HR under control and tracking events throughout.

This can mean a full presence and implementation of the project together with the corporate HR team, or only the involvement of an occasional expert, consulting, development of certain activities.

Typically, we need support, for example, to automate management reports, organize data, update policies, redesign processes, and implement IT applications.


In many cases, project failure is not due to financial reasons, but to project disorganization, lack of communication, and loss of motivation due to congestion.

Digital HR Projcts
IT and R&D

IT and R&D Projects

Full expert support

We support projects from conception through design to implementation, deployment, organizational change management, and post-start-up support.

We provide the extra resources (capacity and competence), methods and best practices needed for the projects.

We support the selection and procurement of suppliers and systems to meet your needs, as well as the management of suppliers during projects.

Our industry experience and expert capacity also cover the fields of energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and information technology, manufacturing (chemical industry, mechanical engineering), higher education, and scientific research.  

We are partners with our technology experts  

  • in digital transformation,  

  • supporting decisions based on facts and data,  

  • in the development of business processes,  

  • in the redesign of operations and  

  • in managing change, and  

  • in the structure of the organization required for the new operation.

Work-time policy and records

Clarity and Simplification 

Work-time registration processes, systems, reports and policies

What brings a breakthrough in the daily manual administration? 

  • A company-level standard work-time registration policy and  processes 

  • Breaking down work-time records by cost center, work-time family, etc in a standard format that can be automatically up loaded into payroll or integrated systems (SAP)

  • Creating automated reports with real-time data

Work-time policy

Information from data

We plan, develop and support HR in the preparation of immediate or long-term reports and workforce plan. 

We help you create and perform HR reports and HR analytics in order to 

  • See the cost of each employee from hiring to exiting

  • Find and correct errors in HR data and reports

  • Notice in time if an employee or activity is just taking money, and doesn’t add value

  • Learn the real reasons for employees leaving your company 

  • Track performance changes and causes  

  • Identify the company’s most important information and data need, and help smart decision making with HR data

  • Make the organisation's true staffing needs, the types of workforce in use, and their costs visible. 

HR Data
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