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HRIS implementation

Empowering HR Transformation and Implementing HR IT Projects

Comprehensive Support for Streamlined HR IT Project Execution

We provide expert assistance for your HR IT system implementation across all project phases. Our range of services encompasses on-demand project consulting, direct access to technical specialists, and the flexibility to assemble a dedicated implementation team.

We are dedicated to delivering swift and effective support, tailored to your needs.  Your project success is our priority.

We offer a robust foundation for successful HRIS implementation and HR IT projects

  • Crafting a Digital HR Strategy

  • Future HR Operational Development

  • Preparation and Implementation of a Solid Plan

  • Evaluating Business Goals and Needs

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Business Processes

  • Support for IT System Selection

  • Effective Project Management 

  • Project Organization and Planning

  • Document Preparation and Presentation for Project Approval

  • Formation and Coordination of a Dedicated Project Team

  • Thorough Project Administration and Documentation

  • System Implementation and Project Management

Change Management
  • Strategic Planning and Execution of Organizational Development

  • Effective Change Management Implementation

  • Expert Coaching and Mentoring Throughout Project

  • Sustaining Energy and Commitment

  • Strategies to Maintain High Energy Levels, Commitment, and Engagement Throughout the Project

With our experience and commitment to excellence, we ensure a seamless journey in realizing your HR technology goals.

Common difficulties that companies face during digital transformation, and areas where we can provide immediate assistance

Change in Company Culture

Project Delays

Integration Challenges

Technology Selection

Compliance and Regulation

Lack of Expertise

Resistance to Change

The development of HR operations, the successful implementation of HR transformation, the use of effective technology and data results in an increased revenue and a decreased operational cost for our clients.

We bring back momentum to projects

Our collaborative goal with clients is to establish a streamlined, agile, and adaptable HR function that accelerates business growth.

Project success

Human Excellence’s powerful and innovative HR programs provide companies with turnkey solutions.

Employees work enthusiastically and committed to implementing business plans.

Aidan Harte, owner

Optimum Results, Seams Cloud and Customer Perception Ltd.

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