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We serve companies to accelerate their business growth by successfully completing their HR projects.

Our rapidly growing innovative international team provides Project Management Services, PMO supportimmediately available external project specialists, and Project consulting across Europe.


In addition to our permanent experts, we employ skilled and established freelance project specialists with extensive experience and international references. We provide IT, data, process, business analyst, HR, and other specialists for the implementation of company projects.

Our expertise covers the entire areas of HR IT and digitization, HR administration, data management, payroll, strategic workforce planning, HR data analysis and HR reporting.

Thanks to our proven methods and many years of experience, our clients have quickly and successfully completed projects in their HR and other support functions.

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Permanent experts 

Introducing our team - we are the forefront experts in driving HR IT projects to fruition. We specialize in crafting innovative solutions, empowering corporate HR to seamlessly achieve their objectives through digital advancements. With a team of exceptionally skilled professionals, we are dedicated to delivering triumphant HR IT projects that bring tangible business value to organizations.

Our clients' sucess

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With my HR staff, we had a hard time maintaining regular reports for executives. If a new report was needed, it took a lot of manual work to create it.

Reconciling timesheet planning and timesheet data with payroll accounting in SAP has been a major challenge.

The ever-expanding Excel spreadsheets always required more and more work and hid more and more opportunities for error.

With the help of experienced experts from Human Excellence Digital, we conducted a survey on HR administration and reports that shed light on the real causes of the problem and made various suggestions for improving processes and databases based on existing IT systems.

Thus, in addition to creating reports that are easier to produce and manage, we have also developed the data management and reporting competencies of HR employees. We are now working enthusiastically to create a higher-level, interesting, sustainable, and scalable administration area with the involvement of the HR administration team.

Krisztián Szável, former HR manager

Balluff-Elektronika Ltd.

Human Excellence’s powerful and innovative HR programs provide companies with turnkey solutions.

Employees work enthusiastically and committed to implementing business plans.

Aidan Harte, owner

Optimum Results, Seams Cloud and Customer Perception Ltd.

The automated management processes created by Human Excellence, a unified reporting system, and a transparent decision-making pathway ensure that my company is controllable, so it can operate without my personal presence, and I can manage the company from anywhere. I can now be sure that the company will do the job with the same values, momentum, commitment, and performance in my absence as when I personally lead one person. With the Human Excellence program, we have moved to a planned, more organized, and more conscious corporate operation, and the organization has been forged stronger and more united in working together.

Antal Szabó, owner-manager

Poli-farbe Vegyipari Ltd.

Our company - Goodwill Property Ltd. - builds and sells homes. To fulfill our mission, we want to work with the best professionals who credibly and long-termly represent our commitment to excellence. With all these values in mind, Human Excellence has helped build our team, contributing to the smooth running of our company. "

Ferenc Győri, managing director

Goodwill Property Ltd.

The condition survey was already useful, as it helped me to form a comprehensive picture of the company's processes, so in many cases, we found elements that could be improved here, and the efficiency-enhancing advice prepared the company to conquer new perspectives. The feedback has been encouraging and has confirmed that continuous organizational development should be a daily activity in the life of a successful company.

Péter Benkovics, owner-manager

Netamin Ltd .

Professional team. They know and dare to introduce modern processes into organizations. I recommend it to those who want to switch to a human-faced organization.

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Baracskai, founder and managing director

Doctus KBS

The Human Excellence team helped create business strategy and build automated HR processes. This has resulted in a smooth operation and also improved employee satisfaction.

Managing director

Automotive supplier company

We received fast and professional HR support from Human Excellence, so we can focus on important things.

András Virágh

Spark Promotions Ltd.

So far, we have thought HR is just recruitment and labor. Human Excellence provided daily assistance in staff growth. Thanks to their work, the candidates arrived on schedule, everyone knows what to do job is, how to contribute to the success of our company.

Managing director

Industrial manufacturing company

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