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HR Data, Analytics & Reporting

Get insight into the drivers of employee performance and improve retention 

Information from data

We make the HR function’s daily value-creation work visible in data and reports.

We help you navigate through the HR data, and highlight important information for the company in the numbers and reports.

We support HR

  • in the preparation of immediate or long-term HR reports and analytics

  • find and correct errors in HR data and reports

We help you create and perform HR reports and HR analytics in order to 

  • See the cost of each employee from hiring to exiting

  • Notice in time if an employee or activity is just taking money, and doesn’t add value

  • Learn the real reasons for employees leaving your company 

  • Track performance changes and causes  

  • Identify the company’s most important information and data need, and help smart decision making with HR data

Set your organization up for success with Human Excellence Digital solutions

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